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.       Radio Morena is managed by two men who complement each other nicely and together are able to keep the station operating in first-rate condition.

Marcel Leal      Marcel Leal - has a bachelor's degree in advertising and marketing from the University of Sao Paulo. He also attended the BBC Directing and Production Course Overseas in 1985. He has worked as a magazine photographer, as a producer, and later as a copywriter at the Propeg-SP advertising agency.
     He has attended many other courses in the printing arts, model photography, marketing and English translation. Marcel is Morena's major shareholder and president.
     He speaks and writes English and also understands some Spanish and Italian. He has traveled to many countries in Europe and America. He is a OS/2 Warp user, a webmaster and a Star Correspondent on the World Chart Show. His personal page is at this link.

Carlos Leahy      Carlos Leahy - is an experienced salesman and had worked at many other radio stations before he came to be Morena's Sales Manager. He is the only man in his family who chose not to become a doctor. Medicine's loss is our gain.
     Carlos dislikes technology and refuses to use a computer. However, he has an extensive network of clients and knows how to promote ideas and projects like nobody else.

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